Featured Business: Edwardes Bros

edwardes-logo (1)For this months featured business, we are proud to feature Edwardes Brothers electrical wholesalers, London based suppliers and wholesalers of a whole host of electrical supplies! Whether you're an electrician looking to stock up on quality but affordable electrical components or an individual looking for just a small selection of goods, you can be sure of nothing but the very best quality products, service and pricing at Edwardes.

With three branches which can be found in Penge, Dartford and Maidstone, Edwardes Brothers cover the whole of the South East of England, as well as offering online sales through their recently relaunched website. If you're based in the South East of England, you'll be pleased to know that the company has a fleet of 12 vans which offers daily deliveries across the area, offering you the reassurance that you can get your purchases as and when you need them. There's no delays and your deliveries can be made to the site you're working on if needs be!

Delivery options aside, Edwardes Brothers have built their business on the core principles of service, stock and VERY competitive prices and it is these which they believe are the recipe for success! By always offering the very highest level of service combined with over 16,000 items in stock at any one time, all offered at fantastic prices, the business has built themselves up to become one of the most trusted electrical wholesalers in the South East.

Above all, we've chosen Edwardes as our featured business simply due to the fact that they showcase that there is still such a thing as superior customer service and that, by offering a huge range of products at great prices, a business can continue to thrive, even in tough economic times and that it's not just about what you sell, it's about how you go about selling it!

Help…My Google Positions Dropped!

imageAs a business consultant, one thing we hear more often than we like to is that someone’s Google positions have dropped overnight and the majority of their website traffic is now gone. Now of course we try and encourage our clients to make sure they have a variety of sources of traffic in case this happens but even still, it’s never something nice to hear. As such, we have teamed up with local Essex based SEO agency www.speedyseo.com to look at the two main reasons why your Google positions may have dropped and the causes behind these:

1. Google Panda

Now a good few years old, Google Panda primarily targets websites with thin or duplicate content. If you’ve previously copied someone else’s textual content or have tried to get away with no text on your site, you may have been affected by Panda. This rollout was initially intended to improve the value and quality of websites returned in a Google search and if your own site has either what Google would refer to as ‘thin’ content or duplicated content, it’s more a matter of when than if when it comes to Panda. The best thing to do in this instance is re-write your entire sie making sure it adds value to your visitors and enhances the experience.

2. Google Penguin

The Penguin update by Google was rolled out to target sites with unnatural link profiles and, as such, if you’ve ever used a lower quality SEO company or have bought links from India and the like, you could be in trouble. The Penguin is known to be fairly nasty and can take a while to recover from so you need to know the signs. If you had a sudden drop in positions on May 22nd 2013, it’s likely you were hit by Penguin 2.0 and need to go back and clean up those bad links you bought! One word of warning here is that you should never buy links or participate in link schemes as these go strongly against Googles guidelines and will likely end up with you doing more harm than Google.

Always remember…Google aren’t out to get you but if you try to manipulate the search positions, you could well see yourself fall foul of one of their favourite black and white animals and trust us, from what we’ve seen being talked about in recent years, their attacks are quite nasty and severe! If in doubt…get in touch with a professional SEO company and seek advice on what may have caused your site to drop positions.

Top Tips For Sourcing Affordable Leaflet Printing

clp-flyer-sample-1__categoryWe live in an age where everyone wants to save money, so if you’re needing leaflets to advertise your business then you are going to want the best deal you can find. It used to be the case that if you wanted anything printing you just contacted a local printer in your home town to get the work done, but times have changed and most likely the cheapest and most convenient option is going to be an online leaflet printer. A quick search online will produce a great many results so be sure to choose a company that has a good reputation and has been in operation for a number of years to ensure reliability.

Many of these companies will be based away from the high street in order to save on operating costs and be able to pass the savings on to the customer. You’ll find that many will offer free delivery and often within just a couple of days of receiving your order which makes it extremely convenient for you. Remember to carefully consider the quantity of leaflets you require as it’s always going to be cheaper per item to order a larger quantity than a fairly small one. If you have a bit of artistic ability and a flair for design then you can always design your own leaflets and send it through to your chosen printer to cut down on the design costs.

However, if design is not your strong point you may find it more cost effective to leave it to the experts who will be able to come up with something suitable and eye catching for your needs. Finally, think carefully about the size of leaflet you require. If it’s something you want people to keep for a later date then make sure it’s a suitable size to fold up easily and pop in a bag or pocket. No point wasting money on something too big.